D-Link Wins 104 Job Bank’s “Best Attractiveness Award”

D-Link Corporation (TWSE: 2332), a global leader in networking solutions, has been awarded the “Best Attractiveness Award” in the inaugural Employer Brand Awards organized by 104 Job Bank. This prestigious honor highlights D-Link’s commitment to fostering a diverse, inclusive, sustainable, happy, and healthy workplace, further reinforcing its leadership in the global networking industry.

The first-ever Employer Brand Awards by 104 Job Bank aims to recognize companies with outstanding employer brand management. The awards are categorized into Best Retention Award, Best Attractiveness Award, and Best Employer Brand Award, based on employee satisfaction and retention, talent recruitment attractiveness, and overall retention and attractiveness. The event attracted 1,000 participating companies, with 104 companies selected as winners. D-Link distinguished itself by winning the “Best Attractiveness Award,” a testament to its long-term efforts in employer brand management and human resources.

CJ Chang, CEO and spokesperson of D-Link, expressed his honor at receiving the award, viewing it as recognition of the company’s sustained efforts in building its brand image and commitment to sustainable operations. D-Link will continue to create a vibrant and happy work environment to attract and retain top talent.

D-Link has invested substantial resources in employer brand management, focusing on creating a friendly and happy work environment. The company strives to build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive (DEI) workplace that respects and includes all employees. Through various innovative initiatives, D-Link enhances employee satisfaction and loyalty. In addition to promoting pay equity, D-Link encourages employees to express their views through channels such as “Meet with the Executives,” where they can openly communicate with the management team.

To optimize talent acquisition, development, and retention, D-Link collaborates with academic institutions to attract potential talent and has established a comprehensive training system to ensure continuous employee growth and development. The company offers competitive compensation policies and benefits to attract and retain outstanding talent. D-Link’s benefits exceed legal requirements, including flexible working hours, three days of advance leave upon joining, five days of fully paid sick leave and three days of family care leave annually, free health checks, and professional stress-relief massages.

In promoting a healthy workplace, D-Link actively encourages employees to participate in sports clubs and promotes a healthy lifestyle. The company’s headquarters are equipped with a gym, basketball court, and aerobics studio to help employees develop exercise habits and enhance their physical and mental health. By sponsoring the Tainan TSG GhostHawks basketball team and the TSG Hawks baseball team, D-Link supports the domestic sports industry and encourages employees to transition from “enjoying sports” to “actively participating in sports.”

D-Link CEO CJ Chang emphasized that employees are the company’s most important asset, and D-Link is committed to creating a happy workplace to attract more talented individuals to grow sustainably with the company. Moving forward, D-Link will continue to drive innovation and transformation, strengthening its employer brand and maintaining its competitive edge. The company plans to further expand its talent recruitment and development programs globally and continuously improve its corporate culture and work environment. CJ Chang stated that this award is a significant milestone in the company’s path to sustainable development. D-Link will use this as an opportunity to continue progressing, creating more value for employees and society, and further demonstrating the impact of an excellent employer brand.