We adhere to policies and programs of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) to encompass representatives and participants from different groups, including employees of different ages, ethnicities, abilities, physical and mental disabilities, genders, religions, cultures, and sexual orientations, and ensures that they enjoy the same labor rights and interests.
Building a diversified and inclusive working environment through various DEI programs.
D-Link creates opportunities for individuals to find their best fit, regardless of any kind of disability. In 2022, D-Link hired a total of 4 employees with disabilities, including 2 with severe or extremely severe disabilities, with 1 of them being a manager. This is an increase of 3 new hires compared to 2021. Globally, D-Link employs a total of 13 people with disabilities, accounting for 0.8% of its workforce.

Beware of and Managing Bias

Due to the fact that understanding bias and building awareness is a first step towards real change, we address this by helping employees understand how individuals are impacted by bias, and what actions continue to reinforce biases. We encourage every employee to remain curious and humble about cultural differences.

Local Employment

D-Link values local employment, embracing recruiting talent locally, respecting diversity, and ensuring equal opportunities. As of the end of 2022, the proportion of local employment (domestic employees) in both the headquarters and the Taiwan branch reaches 98.8%, with foreign staff constituting 1.2%.

Promote Salary Equity

D-Link is committed to promoting remuneration fairness for similar job positions and strives to identify patterns or trends of underpayment for specific employee groups in specific business areas, to ensure the competitiveness and equality in the market.

Develop Training Plans

D-Link plans to provide training to help employees understand how cultural differences affect work and interaction styles, and encourages employees to participate in diversified training, although not mandatory.
In November 2022, promotion and training on gender equality and prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace was carried out for all employees. A total of 496 employees participated, with a participation rate of 96% and an average test score of 97 points (out of 100 points).

Recognize Festivals of All Cultures

By recognizing and respecting various religious and cultural festivals, D-Link strives to establish a sense of diversity and promotes greater inclusiveness, as well as understanding the flexibility that employees may need based on different needs.

Mixed Team

We encourage learning from different voices, experiences, values, and cultures. Multiple talents can enhance the perspective and stimulate the creativity of the team.
For teams with members of high homogeneity, the Company will arrange employees of different gender, cultural background or age to participate in a plan or project, which may have a positive impact on creativity, innovation and problem-solving methods.

Promoting Feedback

Employees are encouraged to give feedback to better understand what is happening beneath the surface. D-Link uses opinion surveys every year to obtain the information needed to make smarter decisions and reduce or eliminate any discriminatory or biased patterns within the Company in specific areas.

Evaluating Company Policies

We regularly evaluate potential work areas where discrimination may exist, and determine whether company policies will lead to long-term workplace discrimination (such as racial or gender discrimination), and improve them to make the workplace more equitable.