D-Link’s ESG Vision

D-Link’s ESG Vision


Leading Smart Living, Creating Sustainable Value

D-Link aspires to be recognized as a leading provider of comprehensive global intelligent network communication devices and solutions. Their vision encompasses the creation of intelligent homes, businesses, and industries, while embracing a holistic approach to shaping the blueprint of intelligent living.
D-Link hopes to harness the hands of technological individuals, with one hand firmly grasping the essential capabilities of intelligent networking, and the other hand reaching out to stakeholders. Together, they aim to collaboratively cultivate sustainable value that harmonizes with the natural environment, integrates with human society, and prospers alongside the intelligent industry.
D-Link, guided by four fundamental “core principles” and incorporating seven key “sustainable management capabilities,” strives to achieve its sustainable vision through strategic objective management.

D-Link’s Connotation of Sustainable Vision


D-Link’s ESG Goals

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ESG Strategic Goals and 2023 Status

ESG Strategic Goals and 2022 Status

2022 Corporate Sustainability Evaluation Performance

  • Falls within the second tier (top 6% to 20%).
  • Improved by one tier compared to 2021.
  • The latest score has seen a growth of 36.4% compared to the previous year. (The average score within the CMT industry is 19 points.)
  • The score increased significantly by 0.7 compared to last year (5 is the highest).
  • It surpasses the industry and Taiwan’s average.
  • The risk level has continued to decline for three consecutive years. (The lower the score, the better, with 0 points being the optimal result.)