To continue to cultivate sustainable development and actively respond to stakeholders, D-Link established an ESG committee as the highest management unit for ESG-related matters, to drive sustainable development-related plans and actively respond to stakeholders. The Board of Directors regularly receives reports on the execution of sustainable development programs, assesses the feasibility of relevant strategies, reviews and supervises the progress of various goals, and urges the management team to adjust when necessary.

Duties of the ESG Committee

The ESG Committee assists the Board of Directors in continuously fulfilling the corporate social responsibility and improving corporate governance for sustainable operation. Its responsibilities and powers should include the matters below:
(1) Formulate annual plans and strategy for sustainable development.
(2) Formulate sustainable development projects and activity plans.
(3) Track and review the implementation and effectiveness of the company’s sustainable development annual plan, strategy, project, and activity plan, and report to the Board of Directors at least once a year.
(4) Other matters to be handled by the Committee upon resolution of the Board of Directors.


Members of the ESG Committee

The four members of the ESG committee (including at least one sustainability professional) are composed of chairperson and independent directors at D-Link. The ESG office was established to integrate sustainable development into the company’s business strategy and ensure the promotion and implementation of corporate sustainable development. The Board of Directors resolved to appoint members of ESG Committee for the second term on 2023.06.20. Term of office of the 2nd Committee: From 2023.06.20 to 2026.05.30.
Professional Qualifications and Experience
Convener/ Independent Director
Chun-Hsiung Chu
Mr. Chun-Hsiung Chu graduated from the master’s program, School of Law, National Chung Hsing University. He has practiced as an attorney for more than 30 years with profound legal expertise.  He has long served as a member of the Neighborhood Committee of the Ministry of National Defense, and is responsible for assisting each township in using the funds donated by the Ministry of National Defense for the sustainable work of general construction and regional revitalization in each township. He can provide professional advice on the sustainable development of the Company from different perspectives.
(Newly added members of the second term)
Victor Kuo
Mr. Victor Kuo graduated from the Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University and founded Amit Wireless Inc. in 1998 to develop wireless IoT products. He once served as the CEO and the president of Amigo Technology Inc. listed on TPEx. He has been in the network communication industry for many years and therefore possesses complete, professional and extensive industry knowledge.
Independent Director
 Richard Chen
Mr. Richard Chen graduated from the Department of Accounting, Chinese Culture University. In addition to passing the Senior Professional and Technical Examination for Certified Public Accountants, he obtained the securities analyst and the land administration agent licenses. Therefore, he has met one of the professional qualifications for independent directors and is also the convener of the Company’s Audit Committee, and a member of the ESG Committee and the Remuneration Committee.
Independent Director
Richard Lee
Mr. Richard Lee graduated from the Institute of China and Asia-Pacific Studies, National Sun Yat-Sen University. He used to be the district court chief judge and chief justice. He has extensive experience in court proceedings as a legal specialist. Therefore, he meets one of the professional qualifications for independent directors. Meanwhile, he is the convener of the Company’s Remuneration Committee, a member of the ESG Committee and the Audit Committee.
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D-Link_Sustainable Development Best Practice Principles

D-Link_ESG Committee Charter

Operations of the ESG Committee in 2022

Operations of the ESG Committee in 2023

Operations of the ESG Committee in 2024

ESG Office

To implement the resolutions of the ESG Committee, D-Link set up the ESG Office, and through this functional working group, it will review and discuss with heads of all departments in regards to the company’s core operating capabilities, and set the direction of ESG development and improvement.

In order to ensure the implementation of ESG meeting decisions, D-Link uses the ESG Office as an inter-departmental communication platform to continuously track the annual implementation strategies, goals and implementation results of sustainability issues or projects. The implementation results are submitted to the ESG Committee and regular reports are submitted to the Board of Directors.