Sustainability Clauses in Supply Chain Contracts

Sustainability Clauses in Supply Chain Contracts

D-Link has formulated relevant CSR articles in official supply chain contracts and has asked all suppliers to comply with these clauses. We expect to enhance suppliers’ awareness and practice of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and establish a sustainable supply chain.

Article 22

Article 23

Article 26

Article 27

Corporate Social Responsibility

Anti-terrorism Measures

Labor Safety

Prohibited Materials

Suppliers must abide by relevant CSR norms and laws ensure the highest level of business ethics. D-Link will conduct annual or irregular CSR audits.

Suppliers must comply with anti-terrorism measures and relevant rules of U.S. C-TPAT or WCO-accredited anti-terrorism measures and regulations administered by foreign customs.

Suppliers must not hire child labor and must abide by local relevant labor legislation.

Suppliers must guarantee that their products and production process follow the EU RoHS Directives and the hazardous substance management standard announced by D-Link, without any toxic chemicals or materials being banned by other international environmental protection laws and regulations.