D-Link’s ESG Vision

D-Link’s ESG Vision


Leading Smart Living, Creating Sustainable Value

D-Link aspires to be recognized as a leading provider of comprehensive global intelligent network communication devices and solutions. Our vision encompasses the creation of intelligent homes, businesses, and industries, while embracing a holistic approach to shaping the blueprint of intelligent living.
D-Link hopes to harness the hands of technological individuals, with one hand firmly grasping the essential capabilities of intelligent networking, and the other hand reaching out to stakeholders. Together, we aim to collaboratively cultivate sustainable value that harmonizes with the natural environment, integrates with human society, and prospers alongside the intelligent industry.
D-Link, guided by four fundamental “core principles” and incorporating seven key “sustainable management capabilities,” strives to achieve its sustainable vision through strategic objective management.

D-Link’s Connotation of Sustainable Vision


D-Link’s ESG Goals



Goal Items


(By the end of 2025)
  • Continue to Implement Energy Saving Projects
  • Actively Participate in Sustainability-related Initiatives
  • Upgrade CDP Evaluation Grade to C-Grade
(By the end of 2028)
  • Gradual Upgrade of Air Conditioners
  • Complete the Carbon Inventory and Verification of Consolidated Subsidiaries
  • Assessment of the Introduction of ISO 14067 Product Carbon Footprint Standard
  • Promote Active Reduction of Carbon Emissions to the Supply Chain
(By the end of 2033)
  • Installation of Solar Photovoltaic Equipment
  • 2030 Green Power Procurement Target of 17.5%
  • Pass ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certification


(By the end of 2025)
  • Formulate a Plan for the Reserve Cadre Personnel for Key Positions
(By the end of 2028)
  • Optimize Remuneration Competitiveness
(By the end of 2033)
  • Continue to Promote Sustainable Human Rights Risk Assessment


(By the end of 2025)
  • Maintenance of Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System
  • Build Sustainability and Resilience of the Supply Chain
(By the end of 2028)
  • Continue to Improve Corporate Governance Evaluation Results
  • Implement Remuneration Transparency for Senior Managers
(By the end of 2033)
  • Evaluate and Introduce External Verification of Ethical Corporate Management/anti-bribery Related Management Systems
  • Include ESG Performance as a Criteria for Business Selection
  • Evaluate and Implement the ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement Guidelines

Sustainable Products

(By the end of 2025)
  • Promote and Optimize Sustainable Product Development and Design Planning
  • Shaping D-Link’s Sustainable Product Features
(By the end of 2028)
  • Sustainable Performance is Enhanced in Product Design
  • Discuss a Product Recycling Plan
  • Strive for International Awards for Sustainable Products
(By the end of 2033)
  • Continue to Strengthen the Influence of D-Link Sustainable Products
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ESG Strategic Goals and 2023 Status

ESG Strategic Goals and 2022 Status


2023 Sustainability Performance 

Economy and Governance
•  Recorded a remarkable 421.1% increase in annual net profit attributable to the parent company compared to the previous year.
•  The board of directors includes one female director.
•  Successfully maintained an A-grade certification for the Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System (TIPS).
•  Participated in TCSA for the first time and received the “Top 100 Most Prestigious Enterprises in Taiwan” and “Platinum Sustainability Report Award.”
Value Creation
•  First in Taiwan’s networking equipment industry to pass the EU ETSI EN 303 645 Cybersecurity Standard for Consumer IoT Products certification.
•  Successfully completed the review of 6 patents (3 product patents + 3 design patents).
•  Received awards such as Interop Tokyo, Good Design Award, and Taiwan Excellence Award for our products.
•  Completed sustainability audits for 7 major suppliers.
•  Established the “D-Link Sustainable Procurement Policy” and formulated the “D-Link Supplier Code of Conduct.”
•  Reduced carbon emissions by 7.20% annually (categories 1 and 2).
•  Reduced external power purchases by 5.47% annually, resulting in a 13.51% reduction compared to the baseline year2.
•  Initiated a green energy procurement plan, purchasing and supplying 6,000 kWh of green energy.
•  Launched the first green product using PCR plastic and started using PCR plastic for packaging.
•  Recognized as one of the “Top 100 Carbon-Competitive Companies” by Business Weekly.
People and Society
•  Allocated 5% of annual company profits as employee rewards; the average salary increase across the company was 4.17%, with 93.04% of employees receiving raises.
•  Nearly 60% of managerial positions are held by women.
•  Employed professional massage therapists with disabilities to provide on-site massage services, donating all proceeds to social welfare organizations.
•  Sponsored the Tainan TSG GhostHawks basketball team and actively promoted a culture of employee health, earning the “Sport Enterprise” certification from the Ministry of Education.
•  Collaborated with 32 charity partners in 2023, doubling resources compared to the previous year to over NTD 5 million, implementing 30 social participation projects/activities, and benefiting a total of 9,351 individuals.

Latest ESG Evaluation Performance

  • Top 5% of TWSE listed companies.
  • Top 4% in the global Communication Equipment industry.
  • Surpassed both industry and Taiwan business averages.
  • Received a perfect score in Governance.
  • Top 3% in the global Communication Equipment industry.
  • ESG risks have decreased for three years in a row.